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Haunted Antiques?

Had the chance to investigate the awesome Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre on 18th April 2018 and what a night it was. That place is just plain creepy! The rooms feel completely unbalanced. There's dolls, a ventriloquist's dummy, an actual cursed voodoo doll, objects from various wars, the creepiest Memento Mori photography (Google it!) and last but by no means my least favourite, "The Crying Boy" painting, purported to have been behind many previous house fires in its history. We recorded live to Facebook as always and the footage above has been edited a little (next time it'll be a little more HD! Do remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel There's all sorts of anomalies that I found during editing, mainly audio some of which were picked out by the 8,000 or so live viewers and some which clearly weren't. HauntedLIVE has some exclusive mid-week ghost hunts available throughout June-August so there's no better time to booked for an evening to remember.

I'll be there 4th July and 1st August, so come and say hi as we investigate this fantastic location. Tickets available from the website

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