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*NEW RELEASE* End of June 2020


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Wandering, zoning out along the empty pavements. Rain beats softly down, inviting before slowing. The essential workers driving to stack shelves, save lives, splashing through puddles, wipers clearing windscreens rhythmically to the ominous utterings of the newsreader. Lamps glow brighter than usual; the green of the trees and hedges, greener as if smiling in the pollution-free air. We will never forgot the sacrifices made during these times, of care workers and families, doctors and nurses our saviours.

And I will never forgot those city streets after the first week of lockdown in 2020.


72 Minutes in the Woods - by A.E. Soar

Cube 72 MITW.jpg

Starting high school is scary enough for anyone, but when a tragic accident happens, Peter Andrews finds himself at Tulip Park Academy. Peter senses that something isn’t quite right at the school, and who is the mysterious Tom Morgan, who no-one else seems to know?

Odd occurrences begin to take place around him. When Peter receives a text from Tom one stormy night, his curiosity gets the better of him. Together with his friends Lily, Faye and Jared, Peter has no idea that Tom is about to show them a whole new world – one which will take every scrap of cunning and courage to make it out alive. The clock is ticking..

72 Minutes in the Woods the novel is available from Amazon worldwide with accompanying audio soundtrack to stream and purchase from all good music outlets. (Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, TIdal, Bandcamp (preferred)

Previous Releases

Available on Bandcamp/Apple/Google/Amazon/Spotify/Tidal and all good platforms


Designed by A.E. Soar - Available in Print and App Versions


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