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As a huge fan of not only the Halloween season, but the Halloween movie, I found myself writing a couple of tracks which felt so much in the spirit of John Carpenter that they became a homage, with a life of their own. I thought as these tracks would be quite niche and not really like my usual output (with the album due for release this month after final tweaks too!) I asked my followers on Twitter and Instagram whether they would want me to actually release them.

A whopping 75% said yes! So, having spent many, many hours in the studio cooking them further, I am very pleased to release them, just in time for Halloween on October 8. You can pre-order the tracks as usual at Bandcamp and if you do, you get the second track 'A Haunted House' straight away.

'Escape from Haddonfield' represents all of those feels from 'Halloween' and 'Escape from New York' that punctuated my early appreciation for John Carpenter's work.

If you buy or stream them, you're awesome. But do make sure, as I will, to check out John's new 'Halloween' score and the forthcoming approved sequel in cinemas very soon.

30 Days to Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

A. x


Cover-Virtual-Love  Dbl A-TheHauntedGuy.

Ready for some 80s synth pop?! 

Ready for some 'Virtual Love'?

Will you S2R? (Send to Receive)

My brand new single comes out week commencing 24th September 2018 - and available as always to pre-order through Bandcamp with a bonus song that will not be made available elsewhere. Available in all good digital stores iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Beatport and more...

I hope these tracks infect your brain, make your feet tap relentlessly and generally just through yourself about to the tracks!

Special thanks to Mikey Wilson at The Loft Tapes.


To buy from bandcamp - hit the button below.



A track that has taken 3 years to complete, 'Tintagel - Pride of St. Piran' is a very personal anthem for me and has been very well received by those that have taken the time to listen to it. I wanted to write something that reflected the majesty of this stunning Cornish location, rousing with the pride of reaching the summit and to the entrance of Merlin's Cave.

I dedicate this song to the people of Tintagel and Cornwall and hope that it will remain in your heart the same way that it has for me. It is available to buy and stream through most online stores and is very much a one off track.



It's been an incredible few weeks since 'First Light' was released. I am so humbled by some of the very kind words that have been said about it on social media and was thrilled to have it played on the BBC Introducing in the East Midlands channel. I have to be honest and say I was quite choked up by what was said, and it has made me even more determined to continue to release new work to you all.


'Our Friends in the North' is very nearly ready to be released and the pre-order should be available on Bandcamp imminently. I love this platform as it allows me to release to you the tracks the way that I intended. And to all of you that have purchased via Bandcamp before, you will get extra this time. The single itself is made up of three tracks:

1. OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH (Radio Edit)                       

 2. THE VALLEY                                                                         

 3. NORTHERN LIGHTS                                                             

Bandcamp customers will also get:

 4. OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH (Continuous Mix) featuring        

i. Before Dawn  ii. Our Friends in the North   iii. Northern Lights  iv. The Valley    

 5. V1RTU4L L0VE                                                                       

I wanted to take you on a voyage to the top of the world with this single, a trip to the Northern Lights and further to the diminishing ice caps, cliffs crashing into the ocean due to the effects of global warming. I hope you love it as much as I did creating it. I have also taken the decision to rename the album from '3ARTH' to simply 'Earth' which I hope will make it easier to find in stores. x


I am thrilled to announce that my brand new single 'First Light' is now finally available in stores Worldwide on the likes of iTunes, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Amazon and Google Play. You can stream on Deezer with Shazam and Spotify to follow imminently. I've been humbled by some of the support and feedback that I have received about the new material and I would like everyone that has taken the time to buy/play the tracks this so far. What I really need is your help, to listen, share and recommend wherever you can. The more people know about it, the easier it is for me to find a home for all of the new material. Very shortly I will be releasing the second single to be lifted from '3ARTH' called 'Our Friends in the North' so please stay tuned to social media for information on that. Who knows, may be it would be an idea to perform these tracks live somewhere... Thanks so much for being here, enjoy the ride because this journey has only just begun. A x

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